18" x 24" Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

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70 or 500 piece puzzle sets.

Black Three Collage 18 x 24

Black Three Collage 18 x 24


500 Pieces for Professionals, 70 Pieces for Kids

The search for the fitting piece and the concentration we share creates the magic of a jigsaw puzzle. Challenge a 500 piece set. Personalized puzzles adds even further fascination as they may portray someone or something we cherish. It is our choice, our photography, and our own design that make the difference. It takes some ambition, patience and a good memory to match each piece by colour, shape and design. Solving a puzzle tells us a lot about ourselves. However, solving a puzzle together with a puzzle partner also tells us a lot about him or her. - 70 pieces are a challenge for kids or for people who are not yet very familiar with the hidden secrets and the strategies of this puzzling art.

Enjoy and make somebody else happy with a puzzle designed by you. Let your children benefit from a challenge that is both entertaining and rewarding. Creating your puzzle online is very simple. Just follow the instructions step by step in the puzzle maker.

Personalized 18x24inch puzzle sets include:

  • Rectangular-shaped jigsaw puzzle made up of 70 or 500 pieces made from cardboard with lamination with a glossy finish in size 24" x 18" (609.6mm x 457.2mm)
  • Unassembled puzzle pieces are placed in a standard gift box or a personalized gift box (at no extra charge) printed with your photo and design on lid.
  • For 500 pieces puzzle, standard or personalized box with size 5" x 7" x 1.5" (234.2mm x 170.2mm x 45mm)
  • For 70 pieces, standard or personalized box with size 8.5" x 5" x 1.5" (250mm x 187.2mm x 46mm)
  • For 70 pieces, 70 large pieces with piece size 2 inch (50mm) and thickness of 0.125 inch (3mm) are perfect for little hands and extremely durable