8" x 10" Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Pick one to get started:

12 or 100 piece puzzle sets.

Personalized Pink Four Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

Personalized Pink Four Collage Jigsaw Puzzle



or choose from our categorized designs to start personalizing:

Personalized Photo 8X10 Puzzle 50 Piece


(Total: 12 items)

Love Connection 100 Or 12 Piece Puzzle

Wedding & Anniversary

(Total: 2 items)

Photo Gallery 100 Or 12 Piece Puzzle


(Total: 54 items)

Easter Chick Personalized Kids Puzzle


(Total: 7 items)

Personalized 8 x 10 inch puzzle sets include:

  • Rectangular-shaped jigsaw puzzle made up of 12 or 100 pieces made from cardboard with lamination with a glossy finish in size @prospec
  • Unassembled puzzle pieces are placed in a standard gift box or a personalized gift box (at no extra charge) printed with your photo and design on lid with size 5" x 7" x 1.5" (130mm x 175mm x 37mm)
  • Note for 12 pieces - 8"x10" puzzle: 12 large pieces with piece size 2.5 inch (63mm) and thickness of 0.125 inch (3mm)
  • For 100 pieces, we use thick puzzle cardboard (1.9mm)
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