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Glow In The Dark

Glow In The Dark

Spread the spooky spirit with these cool Halloween personalized trick or treat bags made with glow in the dark fabric paint.

Carry your designs with you wherever you go!

We all carry bags of some sort when we go out, whether it's to the beach, for shopping, school or even just for a stroll around the park. Your bag becomes a part of you so why not make it personalized and show the creative side of you in public by creating your own unique personalized bags?

We have heavy duty tote bags with a range of strap colors to choose from, perfect for going to the beach, to college or just to carry your belongings around with you. You could also opt for our personalized reusable shopping bags, made from high quality 190 Taffeta polyester and very lightweight to carry your grocery shopping in. Choose to personalize your bags with just one photo or if you can't chosoe which photo you like best, add up to 9 photos on our collage templates. If you're into design, why not get some publicity by adding your designs onto these bags and show them off.