Personalized Wooden Puzzles

Print wooden puzzle with your own photos and designs

Traditional Cut

The traditional laser cut wooden puzzle makes an amazing gift. The shape of the pieces comes in the renowned shape with a selection of sizes.

Engraved Guest Book Puzzle

Engraving your puzzle guestbook adds a special touch. Have your names or the date of your special day engraved to remember your big day.

Photo Guest Book Puzzle

The photo print puzzle guestbook is a lovely keepsake for any occasion. Reminisce together and read lovely messages next to a photo of your big day.


or choose from our categorized designs to start personalizing:

29.5 x 38.5 Engraved Wooden Wedding Guest Book Puzzles (177 pieces)


(Total: 39 items)

10 x 8 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (Landscape, 12 or 100 pieces)

Wedding & Anniversary

(Total: 34 items)

12 x 16.5 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (Landscape, 24 or 54 or 285 pieces)


(Total: 20 items)

3.5 x 5  Mini Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (Landscape, 24 pieces)


(Total: 5 items)

Personalized Wooden Puzzles

A puzzle does not have to simply be just a puzzle. Personalized by you, for you or for your friends, family and loved ones. Instead of having a typical landscape or image that is unrelated to you on normal puzzles sold elsewhere, you can choose your most cherished photos of yourself or ones that you share with loved ones and have them printed beautifully onto our traditional wooden jigsaw puzzles. They make perfect gifts for him and gifts for her, whether it be for a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, an anniversary, graduation or any other special occasion, our wooden jigsaw puzzles makes the perfect gift that not only can they keep as a piece of decoration for their homes but they can also have fun piecing it together over and over again. By personalizing the puzzles with your photos or designs, it makes your gift more meaningful and stands out from others. Instead of having the family round to watch TV or play on the modern day electronics, improve family time together by personalizing one of our giant jigsaw puzzles. Customize your wooden puzzle by having a printed photo of the family on a special holiday, or on a special occasion on to the puzzle to help the family relive memories, providing hours of fun and laughter on family nights. Not only do they make lovely keepsakes, they are also great to decorate the plain, dull walls in your home. It makes a fun activity to piece together the puzzle yourself or with a loved one and then invite all your friends and family over to show off your newly decorated home. With your own designs or photos, the walls in your home will never be the same as anyone elses!

To take the standard jigsaw puzzles one step further, we have decided to transform the everyday puzzle into an invitation card or guestbook. With so many weddings in a year, wedding invites can look and feel the same. To make your special stand out from the rest of the newlyweds, design your own invitation puzzle to give to your wedding guests, offering them a fun way to find out the details of your big day as well as something that they can keep to remember the day. You can also create your own puzzle guestbook to make your special day stand out even more. Instead of having a traditional paper guestbook, have your wedding guests write their well wishes and greetings on each piece of the puzzle so you and your new partner can piece it back together later to relive your big day. Not only are they great for weddings, you can also customize the wooden puzzle and use them to make guest books for graduation celebrations or big birthday celebrations like weddings. Tell your friend or family how proud you are and have other people write down their words of wisdoms for the new graduate or birthday boy or girl. This makes a lovely keepsake that they can put together years later to remember their big celebration. To make it more personable, have your wooden invitation or guestbook engraved with you or the related person’s name and date of the big day, making it a beautiful piece to add to their collection of keepsake gifts.