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Personalized Compact Mirrors

Print compact mirror with your own photos and designs

as low as @currencysign4.50

Rounded shape luxury metal compact mirror with your image on the front of it.

as low as @currencysign4.50

Square shaped luxury compact mirror with an all metal construction with a large front area for your photo or image.


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Custom Imprint Square Mirror


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Personalized Bridesmaids, Carol Round Make Up Mirror

Wedding & Anniversary

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Personalized Lavender Quatrefoil Round Make Up Mirror


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Mirror, Mirror - who has the most unique mirror of them all?!

A handy item that all women and men can have in their bag, pocket, travel bag, at work or in the gym is a compact mirror. A large mirror is not always around and you might not always be near a bathroom if you have to quickly touch up your make up, or want to have a quick check of how your hairs looking, or maybe you want to check if you have something in your teeth before heading out the door before meetings and important appointments. At Printer’s Studio, the mirror can also be personalized by you to make your mirror unique to you. Not only is the custom hand mirror great for daily use, it is a classic staple for any woman, so they make lovely keepsake gifts for bridesmaids or for your friends birthday or as a gift for your mom or grandma.

But as a daily item in your handbag, why not create something that shows your sense of style and unleash your creativity. You can personalize your own compact mirror that fits easily into a pocket or handbag. Have your favorite graphics, photos, designs or patterns printed onto the front of the mirror and finish it off with your name or initials to make it that little more personable to you. If it’s not for you, you can create a custom travel mirror for your friends, family and loved ones; it will make a lovely little gift for birthdays or stocking fillers for Christmas. Why not have the date of your wedding day and a photo of you and your bridesmaids printed and gift them to the brides’ team as a thank you gift for helping and sharing your big day with you. They will make a memorable gift for weddings and anniversaries as well as for birthdays and romantic occasions!

We offer handheld mirrors in a choice of two shapes, a round or a square shape for you to choose from. Your chosen design is printed in full color on the metal insert on the front of compact mirror and the inside features two handy interior glass mirrors. This elegant and luxurious compact mirror features a hinged cover so it can stay propped open whilst you fix up your make up or hair and an all-metal robust construction that is durable enough for everyday carry as well as being very stylish.

Compact mirror specifications:

  • Dimensions: 2.75" length x 2.75" width x 0.3" diameter (round) and 2.6" x 2.6" (square)
  • Luxurious compact mirror features an all-metal construction
  • Opens up with two interior glass mirrors
  • Personalize it with your photos, texts, and designs for a one-of-a-kind accessory that fits perfectly in your purse and pocket
  • Designs printed in full color on metal insert on front of compact mirror
  • Hinged cover stays propped open