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Personalized Ornaments

Choose between different ornament types

Pewter Ornaments

Perfect for the holiday season, this elegant cut piece is made from zinc aluminum with a silver thread attached to the top in a distinctive snowflake shape.

Acrylic Ornaments

Treasure your photos with these high quality acrylic ornaments. The shiny material brilliantly shows off your photos on both sides of this piece. Comes in a range of different shapes to suit every taste.

Ball Ornaments

An exciting new way to decorate your tree with this one-of-a-kind genuine glass ornament, your photo is printed inside the ball and can be viewed on both sides.

Ceramic Ornaments
as low as @currencysign3.69

Incredibly shiny and implausibly sleek, ceramic is makes a great solid base to print your photos onto. A range of unique shapes choose from.

Wood Ornaments
as low as @currencysign3.69

Timeless and full of character, these wood pieces are a great way to compliment your Christmas tree. As well as photo printing, have a look at our laser engraved pieces so you can show a special personized message.

Engraved Glasses
as low as @currencysign4.59

An impressive and exquisite piece made from glistening ultra-polished glass cut to precision. Declare a memorable message to your loved ones with a laser-engraved message on them.

Glass Prints
as low as @currencysign4.50

Glass is a marvelous finish to display your photos in, and projects a sense of prestige like no other. Each ornament is cut to precision with a smooth, beveled edge and looks lustrous next to a light source.

Metal Ornaments
as low as @currencysign3.99

Durable and sleek, these metal trinkets will look amazing on any tree for years to come. Images printed on these pieces look ultra-vibrant and retain incredible detail due to the high-heat technology used to fuse images on them.

Cube Ornaments
as low as @currencysign4.00

These fantastic and novel cube decorations are made from scratch-proof coating wooden cube. Customizable up to 5 panels.


or choose from our categorized designs to start personalizing:

Custom Design Pewter Snowflake Ornament


(Total: 50 items)

Doggie's Christmas Personalized Photo Porcelain Ornament

Pet Lovers

(Total: 30 items)

Personalized Laser Etched I Thank God Glass Ornament

Baptism & First Communion

(Total: 3 items)

Personalized Engraved Snowflakes Star Wood Ornament

New Baby

(Total: 21 items)

Have a jolly, merry, personalized Christmas by personalizing decorations for your home or for your Christmas tree with our wide range of ornaments in different shapes, sizes and materials to suit your designs.

Your Christmas tree decorations no longer have to be the plain, traditional round balls or icicles every year and decorating your tree can now be much more personable to you, your family and loved ones. As your friends, family and loved ones visit your home for Christmas and see your home; your Christmas tree can really show off your personality and style.

With our personalized ornaments, you can create your own personalized ornaments for your home or gift them to your friends and family as a memorable keepsake to represent a memory or moment that’s important for a loved one, or meaningful present for birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas and wedding gifts. With the design your own Christmas ornaments, such as the custom ball ornaments , a traditional bauble with a modern twist as the bauble comes as a clear ball with a printed photo or design inside. Made with high quality material, you can enjoy them for years to come- you can design your own personalized Christmas decorations with any design, artwork, photos or text that you want to add which makes the ornament perfect for almost any occasion. With different shapes and sizes, your design ideas can be limitless and you can create completely unique hanging ornaments for yourself and friends. Design an ornament for each member of the family, and watch your happy family grow with loving memories along with it and create your own special collection of ornaments.

custom engraved glass ornaments or custom wood ornaments are great as a wedding gift, wedding favor or wedding present for the newlyweds as a memorable keepsake for their big day, for bridesmaids or guests so they can enjoy and share the memories from the big day too. Your custom hanging ornaments will have your photos from the wedding day, pre-wedding photos or artwork printed in beautiful full color or engraved with dates and names of the newlyweds as a sweet and loving reminder.

We have a very user-friendly online ornaments maker which means you can make as many ornaments as you like in just a few easy steps! All you need to do is pick a material you prefer, choose a size and shape for your hanging ornament and upload your images or artwork and finally add any text to the final design!