Custom Rigid Magnet Buttons

Choose by size and design:

Round Rigid Magnet
as low as $1.70

Round Rigid Magnet

Make rounded rigid magnets measuring 2.25 inches in diameter.

Square Rigid Magnet
as low as $1.70

Square Rigid Magnet

Make square rigid magnets measuring 2 inches square.

See categorized designs:

Transparent Overlay Wedding Announcement

Wedding & Anniversary

(Total: 18 items)

Instagram Image and Text


(Total: 28 items)

Perfect Angel Christening

Baptism & First Communion

(Total: 16 items)

Instagram Picture


(Total: 20 items)

Custom magnet buttons specifications:

  • Print on premium white paper.
  • Each magnet is finished with a durable clear metal shell on the front.
  • Commercial grade flat magnets are used for the backing
  • Covered with scratch- and UV-resistant high quality Mylar to protect and preserve the design.
  • Two sizes available: Square 2" x 2" | Round 2.25" diameter