16 x16 Custom Photo Canvas Print

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"For any magicians or cardists looking for a way to get a quality personalized deck, this website is by far the best one I have used. The standard smooth finish works great for cardisty unlike the plastic coated cards that are most often sold. I was amazed by how well they fanned and the quality of the print. Not only was the product outcome amazing, but it was half the price from the website I had previously ordered, had so many more options, and is incredibly easy to use. With the ability to individually design the front and back, it is possible to make special cards that fit your needs for whatever effect you would like. I would highly recommend this website as it is the best I have found so far."
Cody United States
16 x16 Custom Photo Canvas Print
  • Size: 16" x 16".
  • Premium quality waterproof textured canvas material with UV coating to protect your prints from being easily scratched.
  • Environmentally friendly sturdy frame made from 20mm thick honeycomb paper board and 3mm thick basswood plywood with a lighter feel.
  • Image-wrapped layout.
  • Comes with hanging kit.
  • 1.06" (27mm) thickness.
Product code: PS011092001-01

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