38.5 x 29.5 Giant Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (Landscape, 2000 pieces)

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  1. Download custom box file (You can download this file at a later step within our puzzle maker if you wish.)
  2. Add your design to the file on Ai or other image editing software
  3. Save it and upload your finished file within our online puzzle maker
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Customer Testimonial
"Very well done, whether you are buying them for the art or for the kitsch. The art on the face of each card is crisp and well presented. The titles of each card are well thought out and can be both humorous and horrific. The quality of the cards is what you would expect from any good deck of playing or tarot cards. So, whether for gaming, as a costume prop, to add to your altar of weirdness, or for divining the horrors that await you on your road to the abyss, I say, "ia ia cthulhu fhtagn!""
Chris, San Diego CA
38.5 x 29.5 Giant Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (Landscape, 2000 pieces)
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 29.5" x 38.5" (749 mm x 978 mm)
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • No. of pieces: 2000 pieces
  • Material:
    • Professional - 3 mm plywood + 10pt C1S cardboard and indirect printing laminated onto wood surface
    • Premium direct UV - 3 mm plywood and direct printing onto wood surface using UV technology
  • Production by laser cutting technology. Contains a campfire scent on the wooden pieces
  • Packaging option: A standard gift box or a personalized box printed with your photo and design on lid
  • Inner sack: Comes with an 100% 8oz cotton canvas inner sack for putting your unassembled puzzle pieces into
  • Box size: 10.5" x 12.5" x 3" (306 mm x 318 mm x 76 mm)
    above 3yrs
Product code: PS1704B01-01

Spend quality time together with your family by personalizing the 2000 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle with a family photo and then have the whole family over to piece it back together and reminisce on the memories.


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