Hot Pink Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap

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"Very pleased with the quality of this puzzle. I bought two of the same puzzle and had a contest between the girls and the boys the boys beat the girls by completing it in 7 hours. Fun times. "
Michelle Miller , Michigan USA
Hot Pink Chevron Personalized 1.5
  • Materials: Made of polyester (front), PVC leather (back) and PU leather ends
  • Measurements: Total length 50", customizable area 21" length x 1.5" width
  • 12" adjustable leads on each end
  • Personalize with your own photos, graphics and artwork
Product code: PS011104001-02

If you're a a fan of photography or if you're a professional photographer, then you would know that most photographers own a few camera straps, swapping them to suit the camera or the situation that they're taking photos in. Personalize the Hot Pink Chevron Personalized 1.5” Camera Strap for a secure and stylish way to hold your camera around your neck or shoulder, keeping your hands free when you're working at an event or whilst you're on your travels. The top quality material that we use can provide a stronger grip around your neck so your expensive camera does not swing around too much whilst you're moving around and the high quality fabric material provides a long lasting use. The camera strap can be customized with your name, initials and company name to represent your brand and help to your advertise your business whislt working. Your camera can be securely attached via the straps which can be tied to both sides of your camera.


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