Lime Green Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap

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"I had some "mini-Euro" cards, the kind found in most Euro-games that I care about, printed by Printer's Studio. The quality of the card paper and color reproduction were excellent. The cards did vary slightly by ~1mm in terms of being right on center. This is well in spec, according to their website. However, a good card design stays well inside the safe area and uses the bleed area to minimize how noticeable this effect is. Overall a high quality product and I am pleased to finally have a printer that make these size cards. I plan to make many more orders in the future."
Anonymous, United States
Lime Green Chevron Personalized 1.5
  • Materials: Made of polyester (front), PVC leather (back) and PU leather ends
  • Measurements: Total length 50", customizable area 21" length x 1.5" width
  • 12" adjustable leads on each end
  • Personalize with your own photos, graphics and artwork
Product code: PS011104001-02

To hold your camera in place on your neck or on your body when your taking photos on the go or moving around, the Lime Green Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap is a great camera accessory to customize whether it's for personal use or for work. By personalized the custom camera shoulder strap with a name, initials or even a company name, you can advertise your brand and business, so even when you're working or taking photos on holiday, your brand can be advertised subtly. We use high quality materials to manufacture our personalized custom camera neck straps, the leather material we use creates a better grip when the custom camera strap is around your neck or shoulder to prevent your camera from jumping or swinging around, stopping it from getting damaged or broken. So not only is your camera safe and secure, you can take photos in style too!


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