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Oliver St. John

The Egyptian Tarot of Thelema is suitable for ritual, meditation and divination. The Qabalistic correspondences transform the Tarot from a fortune telling device into a spiritual, intellectual and magical vehicle of the highest order. To assist interpretation, the symbols for the zodiacal, planetary and elemental correspondences are placed on the cards, including the constellational court card assignments. Unique to this Tarot is the use of British artist Ithell Colquhoun's interpretation of the correspondences. This enabled us to produce the first figurative Tarot that is fully colour-integrated as according to the Golden Dawn schema. The intuitive possibilities afforded by this mean that study and interpretation are taken to a new level. This is especially the case with divination, where colour plays a vital rôle in the dynamic interactions of the cards. More information is on our website at Ordo Astri (books page).

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Egyptian Tarot of Thelema