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Personalized Puzzles and Games

What do you want to make?

Custom photo puzzles
as low as

photo puzzle image

Make high quality puzzles from your photos.
(Choose from 3 different sizes and different number of piece sets)

Personalized Invitations
as low as

puzzle invitation image

Invite your friends to your party with a gimmicky invitation
(Choose from loads of contemporary designs)

Photo collage
as low as

collage puzzles

Put all your favorite photos together and make a collage puzzle.
(Add up to 9 photos)

Heart puzzles
as low as

heart puzzle image

Show your love to someone special with a heart shaped puzzle.
(with free standing frame)

Magnetic puzzles
as low as

magnetic puzzle image

Turn your photo puzzle into a magnetic puzzle (2 different sizes and number of piece sets)

Tray puzzles
as low as

puzzle tray image

Build your puzzle and keep it preserved on a puzzle tray.
(12 and 100 piece sets)

Round puzzles
as low as

custom rounded jigsaw

Our round puzzles are perfect for kids with loads of design templates to choose from.

Double-sided puzzles
as low as

double side puzzle image

Double the fun and challenge with double-sided puzzles.

Kids puzzles
as low as

kids puzzle image

Great educational gifts for kids (choose from 2 different number of piece sets)

Photo dominoes
as low as

photo dominoes

Choose your own colors, add a photo and make your own personal domino set.
(28 piece set with gift box)

Memory matching games
as low as

photo memory games

Improve your kids memory with these exciting photo memory matching games.
(24 piece set with gift box)

Personalize puzzles and popular games sets with your photos

Making your own personalized version of a popular game has never been easier and cheaper than you might think. Choose to improve your kids memory with photo memory matching games or design your own dominoes by choosing your own colors and adding a photo to the back.

Alternatively, choose our ever so popular photo jigsaw puzzles which comes in 3 different sizes and each with different number of piece sets. You could also upgrade you puzzle and turn it into a magnetic puzzle which is great for the kitchen fridge to hold up all those messages and family photos.

If you've never made a personalized gift before, make one now with a photo of whoever you're going to give it to and then see them surprised like no other gift can give. All puzzles and games can be made for order within 1 minute and can costs as little as $2.25 for a set. Can't get much cheaper than that! All you need are your chosen photos to upload and add onto our puzzles and games for personalization, add a message greeting if you wish and you're done. All personalized puzzles and personalized games comes with a matching personalized gift box unless otherwise stated. Now all there is for you to do is get started by choosing a gift above.

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