Personalized Pet Tags

Print pet tag with your own photos and designs

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Classic round shape pet tag that is made from lightweight anodized aluminum, easy for your pet to wear.

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This loving and sweet heart shaped tag is a great way to show affection for your pet. Your pets image can be printed on one side while the other side shows information.

as low as @currencysign2.55

A bone shaped tag for your favorite four legged friend. The tag is made that is made in a solid one-piece construction so that there are no glued or separate parts that could wear out over time.


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Personalized Bone (Custom 1 Side)


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Custom Printed Round Shape (Custom 2 Side) Dog Or Cat Tag


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Keep your furry friends safe and guarantee their safe return with our Personalized Pet Tags

If you have a four legged friend who likes to go on their own adventures, roam free and explore, this one’s for you! Whether you’ve gone for walkies with your pet dog or your cat has gone on one of their many solo missions around the neighborhood, their first line of defense is their tags on their pet collars. It’s a horrifying experience when your favorite fluffy family member hasn’t come back through the pet flap to be fed and has gone AWOL for several hours or even days. To give your pet the comfort and safety they need and your contentment for them to roam free, a way of identification is essential to guarantee their safe return back home.

Help your furry friend stay ahead of the pack with our Personalized Pet Tags. You can add a treasured photo of you and your best fluffy haired friend so your pet is more distinguishable from others or if your pet has a sense of fashion, you can choose a stylish design to set them apart from other furry friends! You have a choice of shapes to choose from that suit your pet best from either the round, heart or bone shapes. Print your pet’s name, your address and contact details so anyone who finds your lost pet can easily return them back to the rightful owner. The Pet Tag is printed on a light weight but strong and extremely durable anodized aluminum material, not only is our pet tag designed for your pet’s security, it’s comfortable for them, doesn’t cause them any hassle and is made to be long lasting no matter how rough your pet is with their collar. We all know pets can be playful and wild and there can be a lot of tugging and scratching, however, with our nickel ring used to securely attach the ID tag to your pet’s collar, you needn’t worry about the tag falling off during their little adventures or playful fighting. Now you can let your pets roam free, worry free!

Custom pet tag specifications:

  • For cats or dogs to keep your pet safe and secure
  • Material: light weight but strong and extremely durable anodized aluminum
  • Round: 1.25" x 1.49" | Heart 1.26" x 1.38" | Bone: 1.09" x 1.49"
  • Includes nickel ring to attach ID tag securely to your pet's collar
  • Print your pet's name; owner's name; address, city, state, and zip code; phone numbers; reward; medical; vet information
  • For custom one side: Your design, photo or text will be printed in full color at the front, the back is blank aluminum for personal engraving option (not included)
  • For custom both sides: Your designs, photos or texts will be printed on both sides in full color
  • Solid one-piece construction: No glued or "sandwiched" materials to wear out or fall apart