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"The best quality customized coaster I have seen in the market. During the customization, the program will prompt you if the photo you uploaded is not of good resolution which I believe will compromise on the final product outlook. We paid for express delivery and gotten it within 3 days of placing the order. The packaging was excellent with lots of bubble wraps and each tile coaster was separated so no chance of damage when during delivery. However, we had one coaster with a small chip at one of the corner. Contacted the staff, uploaded the chipped coaster and they immediately replaced it FOC within 3 days. My friends and I are super impressed with the customer service. No question asked, only require photo to be uploaded. And it comes with express delivery. I wished I can upload our final product for all to see cos the quality is so good! Highly recommended. Here, you are paying for quality and excellent service. I would definitely come again and of cos, recommend friends who are looking for customized services. A shout-out to Fanny who coordinate the replacement coaster! You guys are a great team! PS. Apologies for posting it so late cos we finally gift it to our friends yesterday and we were busy preparing the coaster holder :)"
Sinyee, Singapore Singapore
Custom Print Cotton Black Landscape Image Adult Medium T Shirt
  • Size: 20.08'' x 28.35'' (510mm x 720mm)
  • Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

A unisex t-shirt featuring the reworked Aqualon logo, made to fit a larger taishougeki no mon design with clockwork elements in the background.

Design ref:101812466273
About the design:

Designer:Koray Birenheide [ See this store ]

Fantasy, Science Fantasy, and Science Fiction; Aqualon intersects all parts of this spectrum.

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