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This is the official shop of Julie Cuccia-Watts creator of Ancestral Path, Blue Moon, MAAT Tarot and Journey into Egypt Tarot has been designing tarot cards for 30 years. This is the first on demand offering of beloved decks. MAAT Tarot is a 78 card tarot based on lunar astrology and cross quarter days. It is a deck that was initially supposed to just be a deck that included the minor cards for the majors only Blue Moon Tarot. All work is first created as an oil painting and then photographed and digitally enhanced with added titles. MAAT was first published in 2006 a limited edition of 1000 large cards. MAAT sold out completely in 2014 and has been unavailable except threw a DIY version that required people to cut out and laminate their own deck. Printer Studio brings this deck back into the hands of her fans at an affordable cost. The first edition MAAT Tarot decks were being sold at very high prices by people who were taking advantage of it's popularity and it's scarcity.

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Journey into Egypt Tarot without a box

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MAAT Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts no box version

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MAAT Tarot special larger edition

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Real Sky Astrology Tarot

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Latest version Journey into Egypt Tarot

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Blue Moon Tarot

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pisces moon poster




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