Australiana Lenormand

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Personalized Poker Custom Cards (Blank Cards) Playing Cards
  • Size: 2.5'' x 3.5'' (63.5mm x 89mm)
  • No. of cards: 36 Cards
  • Card stock:Standard (smooth)
  • Packaging: Shrink-wrapped
  • Note: Any red dotted lines shown around the border will not be printed which is used by the designer for print bleeding reference only

I have always wanted a Lenormand deck to reflect where I live, in Australia. The original Lenormand of course was created in Europe, and while you can read very well with it, there were a few cards that I felt needed that Australian feel to it. In particular the Ship, while it represents overseas amongst other meanings, Australia is surrounded by the sea and a big country, so this card can represent interstate as well as the local beach.

Design ref: 101905506097
About the design:

Designer: Tracy Atkinson [ See this store ]

Welcome to Two Rocks Tarot, I hope you enjoy my Lenormand deck with an Australian flavour.

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