Blue Sky Cross Zipper Bag

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"I found PrinterStudio after checking out a few major photo printing sites for Christmas gift ideas. My great-grandmother recently passed away and I wanted to put treasured photos of her on a deck of cards for a cousin who loves playing rummy. The major printing sites (Snapfish and a few others) had very limited options and high prices. Another site had the customization options I wanted, but you had to order at least 10 units. I wanted to include at least four photos on my deck of cards and PrinterStudio was the only one with that option! I was blown away at all the ways I could customize my deck of cards, including the packaging! The fact that I could order such a highly customized item without having to place a huge bulk order was incredibly convenient. The site couldn't have been easier to use, too! Designing my card deck took just a few minutes. I was even able to get a plastic case to keep my cards safe. Communication was great all the way through the process so I never had to question what was happening with my order. My deck of cards are high-quality and professional-looking. Thanks, PrinterStudio, for a gift my family is going to treasure always. I'll definitely be back for more personalized gifts!"
Marissa Garcia, California, United States
Custom Full Color Print Medium (2 Side Same Image) Silver Zipper
  • Size: 5'' x 8'' (127mm x 203mm)
  • Quantity: 1 Piece(s)
  • Card stock:Polyester

Gorgeous Blue Sky CROSS zipper bag for multipurpose use. Perfect for make-up, office supplies, pens/markers, craft supplies, crochet needles, personal care products and much more. Measures 5" x 8" Lining: Pale grey Top zipper closure. 100% sturdy polyester cloth cover.

Design ref:102006969591
About the design:

Designer:Davenport [ See this store ]

Davenport Designs are committed to bringing you beautiful high quality, faith filled inspirational products.

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