Celtic Knotwork Fox and Serpent

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"I had some "mini-Euro" cards, the kind found in most Euro-games that I care about, printed by Printer's Studio. The quality of the card paper and color reproduction were excellent. The cards did vary slightly by ~1mm in terms of being right on center. This is well in spec, according to their website. However, a good card design stays well inside the safe area and uses the bleed area to minimize how noticeable this effect is. Overall a high quality product and I am pleased to finally have a printer that make these size cards. I plan to make many more orders in the future."
Anonymous, United States
Custom 3D iPhone 6+ Case
  • Size: 4.2'' x 6.91'' (106.68mm x 175.51mm)
  • Quantity: 1 Piece(s)
  • Card stock:Glossy

Celtic knotwork inspired Fox and Serpent. Knotwork is a style of ornamentation found in Insular art or the art of post-Roman Ireland and Britain.

Design ref:101801791249
About the design:

Designer:Lori LaPage [ See this store ]

The place where paint meets mind and boring runs away in fear.

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