Creating Conscious Change Oracle Deck

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"This site is very easy to use and the products I have made have all been very good. I am awaiting the arrival of my most recent deck of cards. It is fun to create my own cards and really impresses my family and friends. "
Patricia Scullion, Vic Australia
63 x 88mm Custom Cards (Blank Cards)
  • Size: 2.48'' x 3.46'' (63mm x 88mm)
  • No. of cards: 54 Cards
  • Card stock:Standard (smooth)
  • Packaging: Shrink-wrapped
  • Note: Any red dotted lines shown around the border will not be printed which is used by the designer for print bleeding reference only

Seasons Oracle Deck This deck is to be used as a divination tool with the pendulum to connect to the frequencies of energy when healing. The energy of a card is imprinted into and received from the card. Simply spinning the pendulum counter clockwise with a command such as, "Clear all negative imprints from childhood to zero" can clear from your timeline and lifetime. Elements and Energy go hand in hand, explore new ways of healing yourself with these card and a pendulum.

Design ref: 101806435605
About the design:

Designer: MELISSA TESSARO [ See this store ]

Explore and access the intelligence of energy and connect to your higher self with divination guidance and symbology.

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