Greeting Card MeLady And The Birds

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"I bought a personalized picture clock for my wife's birthday she was extremely happy when she say I was also very pleased as the finished product was just as advertised I'm planning on purchasing some more stuff in the future as the customer service and beauty of the clock made me very happy ."
Andrew Gilling , New York USA
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When I started this drawing it was thinking that I wanted to incorporate birds, the concept of family, the joy that color would give. I started with the big flower among the birds. Then I placed a bird on each side and a baby bird on each side. And we have a happy family. You can't miss MeLady, who is always the protagonist in my drawings. Can we fly? We can .In our dreams. May this greeting card makes someone special.

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About the design:

Designer:Cristina Chabot [ See this store ]

Collection of printed products from my personal graphite and color pencil creations based on different themes.

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