Greeting Card MeLady Stripes And Squares

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Personalized Portrait Photography Greeting Cards
  • Size: 5'' x 7'' (127mm x 177.8mm)
  • Quantity: 1 Piece(s)


I started, as I do most of the time, with the sophisticated cap. Then I drew the stripes and thought it was very simple. I added the squares. And yet it still wasn't complicated enough and I did details on the squares. I knew I wanted a lot of black and white but I was sure I wanted to add color and that's when I drew the flowers and birds. I didn't want to finish this drawing. This MeLady will carry your kind words that you will write to anyone you want. Safe writing.

Design ref:102101241569
About the design:

Designer:Cristina Chabot [ See this store ]

Collection of printed products from my personal graphite and color pencil creations based on different themes.

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