MeLady Princess bag

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"I had a custom-printed deck of 90 playing cards made. After all the time and effort it took to get my artwork print-ready, I was amazed at how easy it was to upload 90 different card faces. The turnaround time was so quick that I actually got my cards before I got the automated email that said they had shipped! And they are just beautifully printed, exactly how I wanted them. I could not be more pleased!"
Zabet, Kentucky, USA,
All Over Print Tote Bag 18X18
  • Size: 18'' x 18'' (457.2mm x 457.2mm)
  • Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

MeLady Princess Tote Bag: This MeLady, whom I named Princess, was inspired by the world of make-believe. Imagination and the beauty of looking like a princess is in the mind of any girl. When I drew it I thought about my granddaughter, I can't deny it, but also about all the girls in the world. Who didn't want to look like a princess?

Design ref:102011937431
About the design:

Designer:Cristina Chabot [ See this store ]

Collection of printed products from my personal graphite and color pencil creations based on different themes.

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