'Seahorse in blue' greeting card

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"Hello Printer Studio! I just wanted to drop you this line and tell you how very much we appreciate your product and extremely fast delivery. We are amazed by the excellent quality of the calendars you have printed up for us and I wanted to let you know that I will definitely be using you again in the future. Thank you for the fast delivery, the great service and excellent product in printing our calendars! We have already had printed up 80 of the calendars we designed and my need another printing. And I'm already looking forward to designing next year's calendar since this one came out so beautiful. Thanks again, "
Cherise Kratsa-Hoak, MA USA
Personalized Portrait Photography Greeting Cards

'Seahorse in blue' - Gift Card/ Greeting Card featuring the image of an original painting in inks. Blank inside for your message. Quality high gloss photographic finish.

Design ref:101812312895
About the design:

Designer:Angela Dicker [ See this store ]

Offering a range of items inspired by colour and design.

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