Spirit of the Lake Oracle CARDS

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Bridge Size Playing Cards Custom Cards (Blank Cards)
  • Size: 2.25'' x 3.5'' (57mm x 89mm)
  • No. of cards: 90 Cards
  • Card stock:Standard (smooth)
  • Packaging: Shrink-wrapped
  • Note: Any red dotted lines shown around the border will not be printed which is used by the designer for print bleeding reference only

Spirit of the Lake is a visually stunning photographic ORACLE. 90 CARDS, evocative and energetic. This FINAL edit is the result of years of client readings. One word titles eliminate the need for a LWB. It's a highly intuitive tool used for divination, prediction, guidance or therapeutic journalling. We wish you happy trails along this Great Divining Adventure. May Solo open many healing dialogues and lead you to transcendent beauty, wisdom and self-knowledge. Love SOLO's people, Tina & Roger

Design ref: 102204658362
About the design:

Designer: Tina Hardt & Roger Carlsen [ See this store ]

Behold the Great Divining Adventure. Spirit of the Lake Oracle deck and other spirited accessories:

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