The Wild Tulip TAROT

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"I searched for months to find a place to print my custom cards that I had created. I even tried to make my own cards using paper and laminator. I was so thankful when I finally came across this site! Finding your website has truly opened up a whole new world of exciting possibilities for me. I am absolutely in love with the simplicity and product that this site offers. I have ordered several times now and plan to continue ordering from this site! "
Iowa USA
Tarot Size Custom Cards (Blank Cards)
  • Size: 2.75'' x 4.75'' (70mm x 120mm)
  • No. of cards: 84 Cards

Card stock:Standard 300gsm (smooth)

Packaging: Shrink wrap

Whether you're a collector of unusual Tarot decks, just starting out on your Tarot journey or have been reading cards for a while - the WILD TULIP TAROT offers instant feedback on all your questions! Embedded with easy to read upright and reverse meanings throughout, the short story, card layouts plus info all included inside the pack allow you to begin accessing information for intuitive guidance from the moment you shuffle the deck and lay out the cards!

Design ref: 101807832268
About the design:

Designer: Angela Dicker [See this store]

Offering a unique range of designs inspired by living intuitively!

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