Two Can Play That Game Oracle Cards

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Anonymous, United States
Large Size Custom Cards (Blank Cards) Black Border
  • Size: 3.5'' x 5.75'' (89mm x 146mm)
  • No. of cards: 42 Cards
  • Card stock:Standard (smooth)
  • Note: Any red dotted lines shown around the border will not be printed which is used by the designer for print bleeding reference only

Two Can Play That Game Oracle 3.75x5.75 dimensions 54 card tarot deck Custom tuck Box This deck was created and inspired by the writer and director of Two Can Play That Game Movie. I found myself watching the movie again one day and it really help me remember a few things about men that cannot be ignored. I hope you all find this deck as light and guide in your life.

Design ref: 102208799404
About the design:

Designer: K Ashlee Graphic Designs [ See this store ]

This shop was created help those in need of spiritual guidance and hope.

This design belongs to the seller which was uploaded to our Seller's platform

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