(un) familiar runic journey deck

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"I had some "mini-Euro" cards, the kind found in most Euro-games that I care about, printed by Printer's Studio. The quality of the card paper and color reproduction were excellent. The cards did vary slightly by ~1mm in terms of being right on center. This is well in spec, according to their website. However, a good card design stays well inside the safe area and uses the bleed area to minimize how noticeable this effect is. Overall a high quality product and I am pleased to finally have a printer that make these size cards. I plan to make many more orders in the future."
United States
Large Size Custom Cards (Blank Cards) Black Border
  • Size: 3.5'' x 5.75'' (89mm x 146mm)
  • No. of cards: 70 Cards

Card stock:Premium (linen)

Packaging: Shrink-wrapped

The (un) familiar runic journey deck is a guide through exploring the wisdom of the runes. With 33 original hand drawn rune images by artist Lara Vesta and 33 original rune poems by author Ingrid Kincaid. Learn more at ingridkincaid.

Design ref: 101505460017
About the design:

Designer: The Rune Woman [See this store]

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