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Iron Rose Coven Designer's Shop Area

M. Case Watson

'Iron Rose Coven' is an extension of 'Clockwork Ghost' ( M. Case Watson. 2015), a tarot card reading and occult services company. 'Clockwork Ghost' is a registered trademark with IPONZ. Iron Rose Coven is a provider of boutique tarot decks and personalised occult products. We aim to remain affordable, even with our boutique status, and cater for both inquisitive collectors of occult paraphernalia and serious students of the occult alike. We offer a range of tarot, Lenormand, and oracle decks, occult and tarot themed printed material such as hats and clothing, bags, and other occult tools and equipment. Any products advertised can be purchased from us for the price shown.

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Playing Cards

Tarot of Hope

Playing Cards

Iron Rose Lenormand 2nd Edition

Playing Cards

Iron Rose Lenormand 1st Edition

Tank Top