Bible Study Cards

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"When you listen to the Internet, sometimes, you strike gold. Several discussion boards pointed me here to acquire custom playing card sets, and I was not disappointed. I'll certainly be doing business with again in the future. "
E. Jacobson, Pennsylvania United States
Poker Custom Cards (Blank Cards) Black Border Playing Cards
  • Size: 2.5'' x 3.5'' (63.5mm x 89mm)
  • No. of cards: 54 Cards
  • Card stock:Standard (smooth)
  • Packaging: Plastic case
  • Note: Any red dotted lines shown around the border will not be printed which is used by the designer for print bleeding reference only

These cards all have questions on them related to the Bible (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures). Each question has an answer accompanied with a scripture or scriptures relating to that answer. The cards are categorised and coloured according to four categories. The categories along with their associated colour are as follows: 1. Bible Characters (Yellow) 2. Bible Events (Purple) 3. Jehovah (Green) 4. Jesus (Aqua)

Design ref: 101911083281
About the design:

Designer: Craig Fels [ See this store ]

Selling Bible Study Cards. Based on the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures by Jehovah's Witness.

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