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Craig Fels

This Shop is selling Bible Study Cards (Playing Deck) based on the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. I (Craig Fels - Based in Queensland Australia) designed this product. The cards each have a question and an answer. Each answer is accompanied with scriptures related to that answer to show the account, character, or event in the Bible. There is only one deck of cards for sale at the moment. This is a deck specifically designed for teaching children or playing/studying as a family. This is a new shop. If I get enough business I will design and add more decks (including decks with more difficult questions for older teenagers and adults) and other items to the shop. If this business takes off and does well I may hire translators and translate the products into other languages for a larger market. I created these using the 'Printer Studio' website. This is an American company not affiliated with Jehovah's Witnesses. Only 10% of the sales go to myself.

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