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"I am extremely satisfied with your company. You have gone above & beyond what anyone could ask for in customer service and I want to shout it to everybody. You have delivered top quality products in record speed. Thank you so much for being such a positive aspect of my business venture and taking the time and effort to show how important my business is to you. Anything I can have done through you, I will. Regardless of price and length of time. You have a lifetime customer.!"
Nichole Holmes, Phoenix, Arizona USA
Personalized Portrait Photography Greeting Cards
  • Size: 5'' x 7'' (127mm x 177.8mm)
  • Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

Writing a letter or postcard is a rare task. There is nothing to replace a postcard written by your own hand. We are giving the other person love, because we are giving our time to think about that person. It is so wonderful! Write and surprise someone with MeLady Scorpion.

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About the design:

Designer:Cristina Chabot [ See this store ]

Collection of printed products from my personal graphite and color pencil creations based on different themes.

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