Los Pasteles Tile

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"I have used Printerstudio several times for demo copies of my card game, S.U.E.T. the Card Game. I have taken these to decks to gaming conventions and other events and have nothing but positive things to say. The cards looked great, arrived promptly and held up well to continuous plays. I have not had to order any decks to replace worn copies."
John LeMaire , Hudson Falls, New York
Custom Photo Tile Coaster
  • Size: 4.25'' x 4.25'' (108mm x 108mm)
  • Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

Celebrating Puerto Rico's history, culture, and traditions...

Design ref:102106937765
About the design:

Designer:Nancy M. Berrios [ See this store ]

Colorful and vibrant designs that are meant to encourage and inspire you...

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