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Beverly Joyce, MD

DrJoyCoaching is a coaching service for women physicians looking to re-invigorate their personal and professional lives, find more meaning and purpose in work, and more joy in life! Beverly Joyce, MD is a Certified Physician Development Coach and HeartMath Certified Trainer. She is a gynecologist and menopause specialist who works with all women physicians, especially those in midlife. drjoycoaching-dot-net

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Playing Cards

Self-Coaching Card Deck

Wine Bag

DrJoyCoaching Wine Tote


Mirror Compact

Reusable Bag

DrJoyCoaching Shopping Bag

Mouse Pad

DrJoyCoaching Mouse Pad

Photo Flip Flop

DrJoyCoaching Flip-Flops

Photo Coin Purse

Coin Purse/Keyring

Button Magnets

DrJoyCoaching Magnet

Tote Bag

DrJoyCoaching Drawstring Bag


Square Mirror