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Allard Lamain

I have been playing this game for a very long time. I just had my own "home made" set. Everyone I played it with had so much fun and told me I shouldn't keep it for my self :) So here it is, I'm sharing. My game will take you in and out of your comfort zone while having a tremendous amount of fun playing it with someone you just met, or someone you think you know well. The Have You Ever..? card pack(s) can be taken with you on your road trip, on your next vacation or to the pub next doors. It is also perfect to play on your first face to face encounter with the person you have met online. The opportunities are endless! I am 100% sure you will not regret buying a pack for yourself or a friend :) Njoy and take care, Allard

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Playing Cards

HYE - Have You Ever? 108 cards, shrink wrapped


Game HYE..? note book

Playing Cards

HYE - Have You Ever? 108 cards in box version

Pencil Case

HYE card game neoprene pouch