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Allison Gilbert

These cards are designed to teach Judaism and Hasidic Kabbalah so you can apply them to your life. They contain concepts, Sefirot, and months of the Jewish year, including holiday information. Instructions are given on how to use these cards and how to apply them to your life. Preview more cards, layouts & interpretation booklet at KabbalahByHeart . com and sign up for the free Kabbalah Cards class. Easily learn Kabbalah and Judaism by pulling one to three cards per day. You can then journal about your day and see how these cards apply to your day. You will then become familiar with concepts in Judaism and Kabbalah. It's a quick and simple way to learn at your own pace while also internalizing deep ideas, making them real. Kabbalah can be very esoteric but these cards bring it all into practical use. If you have wanted to see how Kabbalah can help you or if you've simply wanted to understand Judaism better by learning about the holidays and history, these cards are for you.

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