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All the images in the Mermaid Cat Tarot are my original illustrations. However, the design of each card is influenced by the classic Rider-Waite deck, which is recommended by many master tarot readers. This means that the Mermaid Cat Tarot is great for beginners, because any book referencing the Rider-Waite books should also work with this deck. Unlike the Rider-Waite deck and many other decks, the Mermaid Cat Tarot doesn't contain any nudity, blood or spooky elements, so its appropriate for kids as well as adults. In the world of Mermaid Cats, the characters and elements on the cards are represented as sea creatures and plants. For example, pentacles are sand dollars, horses are seahorses, and wands are made of coral. The background of the images is an old paper texture that adds a bit of vintage flavor.

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Mermaid Cat Tarot