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Carole Franques

Being an intuitive practitioner of the Healing Arts as well as a gifted artist, Carole's designs are birthed when she steps into her creative zone with an open mind and open heart so that joy flows through her into her creations. She has named this form of art Ensoulistry®. Each design is alive and ensouled with a unique vibrancy; it has its own radiant beauty and spirit. Each has its own distinctive personality and is designed to uplift, raise one's vibration and bring joy. Soulful Joyful Living is the ultimate state of being. It embodies living mindfully and connected to the soul which results in a more fulfilled life. Welcome to Soulful Joyful Living! At SoulfulJoyfulLiving, Carole Franques creates and publishes tools for self-discovery, empowerment and personal evolution. Some of her tools include decks of Oracle Cards. You can find her at SoulfulJoyfulLiving

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Wealth Ensoulistry Tarot Cloth


Oceanic Ensoulistry Altar Cloth