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Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor focuses on using her skills to guide young and old, as they go on the journey of restoring and building up the team of champions we all have held within us. Her carefully crafted products are designed to help meet the perceptions of 'normal' put on us by society and family dynamics while truly discovering how to meet our inner world needs. She is an advocate for balancing self-care with giving value to others, doing what matters most with doing what takes us to the next level, and just downright feels Good. Wisteria Enterprises covers a broad range of products all of which lead to living a life on purpose, striving to become even more of Your Ultimate Self. She is committed to be an example of sharing from a servants heart, finding a way that enhances and expresses the uniqueness within, knowing her own worth and championing others until they discover their own, all the while, building the inner team of champions to have our back.

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Playing Cards

Train backed Emotions Cards

Photo Memory Matching Games

Flowers - Emotions Matching


Xanders mini book

Playing Cards

Flower backed Emotions Cards

Photo Memory Matching Games

Train - Emotions Matching