Make your own Photo Book


Click Photo Books


Choose your Photo Book options

You can choose your Photo Book either by the following options:

A. Choose by Book Size:

B. Choose by Book Style

Choose photo book option


Go to the Online Builder

In the product page of your desire photo book, click the orange "Personalized it" icon to personalize and design your photo book


Customize Photo Book Cover in the Online Builder

  1. You can choose the book size or book line again with the drop down menu at the top left corner
  2. Click Apply for your change
A. Select Layouts of photo book cover

You can see a photo book in this builder now. At the right hand side, it is the front cover, where back cover is on your left hand side, and the center is the spine of the photo book.

  1. Change the photo layouts
    a. Click the Layouts tab
    b. Select a layout depends on the number of images to use on book cover
    c. Click on the thumbnail matching your desired layout to apply
  2. Confirm the change of layout by clicking "yes"
  3. Now, your front cover layout has been changed
  4. You can use the undo button to cancel your change at any time.
B. Change the Spread layouts
  1. You may either change the photo book cover by spread layouts
    a. Click the Spread Layouts tab
    b. Select a spread layout depends on the number of images to use on book cover
    c. Click on the thumbnail matching your desired layout to apply
  2. Spread layout of the photo book cover have been changed
C. Change the background color and pattern
  1. Change the background color and pattern with different theme
    a. Click the Backgrounds tab
    b. Click on the underlined links to select or change a theme
    c. To apply a background from your chosen theme, click on the thumbnail image.
  2. Drag your desire background pattern to the front cover, spine or back cover
  3. The background of your photo book has been changed


Upload your photo

  1. Click on upload images to view the files on your computer's hard drive, floppy drive or digital camera.
    Image Requirements
    NOTE: If the image size, resolution or format is below our minimum requirements, you will receive an error message. Please rescan your image at a higher resolution or select another image. Please refer to our Image Requirements for more information.
  2. Click select. Then select the image file you wish to upload and click Open. Uploaded images are located on the right side of the screen
    *To upload multiple images, hold the CTRL key on the keyboard and click on files.

  3. Waiting the images to be uploaded
  4. Drag and drop the image onto the drag photo here area

  5. You can crop your image, by hovering your mouse at the center circle of the image box and draging it to the desire position

  6. You can also move the position of the whole image box to any position, using the blue line to help you aligning with other image boxes
  7. Click the Edit icon under the image or by the menu under the image to edit the image and click yes when completed.

    To rotate an image (Purple)
    Click on the icon to rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise

    To apply color effect to an image (Green)
    Click the button next to each effect option

    To resize an image (Orange)
    Click zoom in or out to resize the image

    To change brightness of an image (Black)
    Click on the button to change the brightness of the image

    To make image hover on others (Red)
    Click on the button to bring the image to the front or moving forward

    To make image below anothers (Blue)
    Click on the button to bring the image to the back or moving backward

    To flip an image (Navy)
    Click on the button to flip the image


Add and edit your text

By clicking on one of the text box on front cover, spine or back cover, you can add and edit text of your photo book:

  1. Click on the ABC Text tab
  2. Type your message in the text box under ABC Text tab
  3. Change font style, color, size and text alignment
  4. Click on Next Step button at top-right when you are ready. You can always go back to Previous page to make changes by clicking on the previous icon

  5. You can drag the text box to another desire position


Edit the inside pages of your Photo Book

After finished the design of book cover, we are going to design the inside pages of your photo book. Click the drop down menu or click the "next" button at the bottom, and select the pages to edit

You can also change the background, layouts of the inside page, like what you have done in the cover design in the previous step

Keep in mind that the red dotted line is the safe print area, for best result, put all your photos and text inside this area.


Preview your photo book design

  1. Preview all the design by clicking "Next Step" button
  2. View all the inside pages and book cover by the "Back" and "Next" button at the bottom
  3. Preview all the pages and cover at once by clicking the "To thumbnail" button


Preview the design and add the photo book to shopping cart

If you have completed all the design of your photo book, you can now preview your design and add your photo book to shopping cart

  1. You have to tick the checkbox to approve your design and to confirm you own the copyrights of them or have authorization to use them
  2. Select the number of quantity to order
  3. Click the "Add To Cart" button to add this photo book to your shopping cart
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